The Poling Station

With a long history in dance and fitness, and with many relevant qualifications to her name, it was inevitable that Mel would eventually own her own studio dedicated to dance or fitness. Almost from the moment she started her pole journey, the dream of having her very own pole studio started formulating in her mind.

Given her strength, flexibility and dance background Mel progressed quickly, and soon found herself teaching classes.

When a change of ownership and location of the pole studio Mel was attending left some of the students, she was teaching feeling frustrated, she confided in them that she had a dream of having her own studio one day. She had even played around with potential names for it but was disappointed to find that some were already in use in other countries. 

One of her students, mentioned that when they were recently standing in line to vote in the elections, she had thought about how, to a pole dancer, a “polling station” could mean something entirely different.

Mel loved the concept and the name The Poling Station settled in her mind for potential future use.

Soon after, two of her students were looking for a meaningful gift for Mel, to thank her for her dedication to their competition training, and decided to officially register the name, The Poling Station on Mel’s behalf.

As the students’ frustrations increased, they encouraged Mel to pursue her dream of opening up her own studio. Knowing that she had all of their support and wanting to be able to give them the very best she could, she took the plunge, and on November 9th 2014 The Poling Station was officially born.

The Poling Station was a small, intimate studio, but with height enough to accommodate longer poles to enable better competition training and longer pole combos.

As much as everyone loved the intimacy of the studio, Mel still dreamed a bigger dream and had her eye on the space just up the road when her son practiced Martial Arts.

In mid-2020, in the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the space became available, after conferring with her instructors and students, and knowing she had their support, Mel jumped at the opportunity. Signing the lease was an exciting, yet daunting day, but the best decision she has ever made.

The studio boasts 11 poles, 8 lyra, 3 silks, dance floor, calisthenics jungle gym and gym/weight/ fitness area 

Mel has a phenomenal team of instructors by her side, and without their support, skill sets and dedication, the studio would not be what it is today.