What is APAC?

Acro Pole Art Classic consist of 8 categories: Acro Pole, Pole Art, Silks Art, Lyra Art, Classique Pole, Flying Pole Art, Aerial Hammock/Net Art & Dance and Aerial Open Showcase.
This competition gives athletes and performers the opportunity to compete in the field of their strength.


  1. Entries are now open - Entry is open to all male and female competitors, worldwide
  2. If you are under the age of 18 Parental/Guardian consent is required
  3. Payment is due on entry - entries are non-refundable
  4. Entries close at midnight on 1 October 2023
  5. All entrants need to upload a 1 min unedited video of the apparatus you are going to compete in to establish the correct division is being entered. This video should not be older than 2 months old.
  6. ALL entrants will qualify to compete at APAC 2023
  7. Props & music in MP3 format sent via https://www.wetransfer.com
    by 7 October
  8. No nudity, g strings, or overtly sexual behaviour is allowed in the art categories and will lead to immediate disqualification.
  9. The use of alcohol or drugs is explicitly forbidden and will lead to immediate disqualification.
  10. Human props are allowed for all art and sensual categories, they may not do any apparatus work ie they may not touch the pole/lyra/silk/hammock/net. They will be required to purchase a spectator ticket to take part.
  11. The change room and warm up areas are for contestants and coaches only. Coaches will need to purchase a coach’s ticket (R100) to be allowed permission backstage.
  12. If you have won in a specific category in a previous APAC you must enter the next level of the division, if you have placed 2nd or 3rd twice in a division you must move up to the higher division


  1. Entering Acro Pole Art Classic indemnifies the contestants to the following:
    Participants acknowledge and accept that ACRO POLE ART CLASSIC, its owners or staff and are not liable for any injury, loss or damage resulting from
    participation in the event
  2. The Organizers reserve the right to add to or amend rules. Failure to abide by these rules may result in disqualification Failure to abide by these rules may result in disqualification

All Art Categories:

  1. Costumes to be in line with theme, we encourage you to be as creative as you like with your costume, this will benefit your overall score
  2. Boots, shoes may be worn but are not a requirement, heels permitted


  1. Min 6 inch Heels compulsory, outfit may be lingerie or more revealing but NO NUDITY ALLOWED
  2. Any costume malfunction will lead to point deduction per time


All Art & Classique:

  1. Props are permitted and encouraged but need to be approved before the event. No fire acts
  2. They need to be set up and removed with ease.
  3. People are permitted as props, but they may not do any apparatus work. They will be required to purchase a ticket to enter the venue.


  1. Athletes may apply grip aids to the pole/lyra excluding the silk, flying pole and hammock/net, and their bodies- as long as the product is easily removed from the apparatus afterwards
  2. You may check the apparatus before commencing, if you are not happy with the apparatus, the apparatus cleaners will re-clean them, you may also clean the apparatus yourself, but must use the cleaning products supplied by the organizer
  3. Gloves may be worn by the contestant during their performance to assist with grip. The judges will take this into consideration when scoring.
  4. No creams or tans to be applied on the day of the competition.


  1. Music must be cut to the right length required in your selected division in high quality MP3 format before being uploaded to www.wetransfer.com by no later than 7 October 2023. If we do not receive your music by this deadline you will have to dance without music!!!!!
  2. Music may contain lyrics for all divisions (no explicit language allowed except for Classique)
  3. A selection of songs/tracks may be mixed together.


  1. The poles will be 38mm coated, one-piece (no joints) 4m high, secured to a beam and secured / bolted to the floor
  2. They will be +-3 meters apart from one another
  3. The spinning pole will be on your left, static pole on your right, if you are standing on stage facing the audience
  4. Both poles should be used during your performance.


  1. Silicone covered pole 3m in length
  2. Suspended from a carabiner and swivel above the ground  


  1. You may use your own hammock -as long as it rigs to a single rig point
  2. We don’t have a net so if you would like to use a net, you will have to use your own


  1. You may bring your own lyra
  2. We will supply 3 options of lyra, if you do not have your own:
  3. Lyra 1: Untaped, powder-coated, single point, 20mm thick, diameter 90cm
  4. Lyra 2: Taped, single point, 24mm, diameter 95cm
  5. Lyra 3: Untaped, powder-coated double point, 24mm thick, diameter 95cm


  1. Contestants agree to be photographed and filmed throughout the event.
  2. All photography & footage will remain the property of APAC
  3. Contestants agree that all photography and footage can and may be used by APAC for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes, without compensation to the contestant.
  4. Photographs and videos will be available for purchase from the event.

Pole Art

Pole Art is for the artistic, dancing, theatrical pole dancers, no matter how you decide to express yourself this is the genre for you (no nudity allowed) There are 4 divisions that fall under Pole Art: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional.

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Acro Pole

This category is unique as it offers a side to pole where strength, stamina, flexibility and control are the key elements to your routine. No props allowed.

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Classique Pole

This Category is for OVER 18’s only! This style is all about creating effortlessly beautiful shapes with seamless transitions, whether in the air or on the floor, merging seductive movements, strength, power and flexibility.

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Lyra Art

Lyra Art or aerial hoop is for the
theatrical, artistic competitors. Flow, expression, musicality, flexibility,
strength, dance and entertainment value are the key elements to your routine. Props are allowed and encouraged. NO SWEARING IN MUSIC ALLOWED

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Silks Art

Flow, expression, musicality, flexibility, strength, dance and entertainment are the key elements to your routine. Props are allowed and encouraged.

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Flying Pole Art

Flying Pole is our newest apparatus to be added to APAC - we are extremely excited to see this new apparatus come to life on our stage

This year we will be having an open division for this apparatus, so all entries will compete against one another - regardless of age and level.

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Aerial Hammock /Net Art

Another new apparatus to be added to APAC is aerial hammock/net

We cannot wait to see what our aerial hammock contestants bring to the stage.

We will be having an open age group, with 3 divisions - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

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Open Dance & Aerial Showcase

Open to all ages, skill level - all apparatus & dance forms allowed

If competing is not for you, but the stage is calling your name, come and show us what you’ve got!!! You can showcase on any

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