Cathy Slabber

Yoga / Fitness / Pole / Lyra / Silks

A bit of a jack of all trades, a master of many, Cathy has dabbled in a wide range of sports over the years - gymnastics and ballet as a child, horse riding, fencing, ballroom dancing (yes, there are pictures) boot camp workouts, lockdown duathlons and at a friend’s insistence, she will be attempting a triathlon at the end of 2022. When not doing something physical (and probably upside down), Cathy makes drugs - not the fun kind - in her work as a researcher at Wits, as well as developing Cats Claw grip, due in part to her own struggles with grip on the pole. She also offers fascia-focussed sports massages, helping to release the aches and strains life causes.

Cathy is a recent convert to pole, with her first pole class only taking place in January 2021 as an attempt at something completely different. The bug bit hard, and she soon started visiting the studio regularly, almost to the point of moving in. A qualified yoga instructor, Cathy shares the yoga classes with Ash and brings a sense of strength and control to some fun, creative vinyasa flow sequences. Cathy also teaches the beginner pole classes alongside Mel and Xandre, as well as the early morning fitness classes.

She is aiming to compete at APAC in the Gold Acro division in May 2022.

Motto: Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire