Laura Jean Stewart

All levels Pole / Sensual / Stretch / Fitness

In 2010 Laura accompanied a friend to a trial pole class for moral support. Within that class she realized that pole was just gymnastics on a vertical apparatus and signed up the next day. A few months later she entered her first competition – Miss Pole Dance in the amateur division. While she did not place, the competition bug bit and she has showcased and competed in many competitions since, including Dance Masters, National Pole Sport Championships, Polesque, Miss Pole Dance SA, Pole Art, Pole Evolution and Acro Pole Art Classic. Laura has tried her hand at all the genres: sport, art, doubles and even classique (exotic) pole, and she is great at them all! She has a love / hate relationship with the sport and threatens to quit after every competition, but loves the pole community and the challenge of competing and learning new moves too much to leave. Late in 2018 she finally gave in to her coach’s insistence that she teach, and is now an instructor at The Poling Station. Teaching has given Laura a new focus, as she strives to find new moves and develop new combos to inspire her students with. Lau’s motto: “If we don’t challenge ourselves, we don’t grow”

2012:  Miss Pole Dance 2012 Duet
2013:  Miss Pole Dance 2013 Intermediate
            Pole Art Intermediate
            Dance Masters Intermediate
            National Pole Sports Championships
2014:  Senior Women Professional 3rd Place
2015:  Pole Evolution
            Pole Art Intermediate
2016:   Acro Pole Art Classic Art