Xandre Cronje

Pole / Lyra Conditioning / Sensual

If you’ve never danced, done gymnastics … really anything on a stage, then Xandre is the perfect coach to start you on your journey to become a pole dancing goddess. Herself only starting later in life and not coming from a fitness or stage background, she will understand the struggles to remember to point your toes and keep smiling while trying to be all mission impossible. While running past a pole studio one morning, on impulse, she decided to try it out, and has been a happy pole addict since 2015. After achieving a score of 89% for Advance pole at the 2019 Arnold Classic and placing 3rd in the 2019 APAC, Acro Pole Gold division, she decided that the stage was not for her, these days she dedicates her time to guiding new students to getting fit and strong while having fun. Xandre considers pole fitness to be the best stress relief, cardio and strength workout while gaining new appreciation for your own body, and what it is capable of. Pole is never boring or repetitive, there are always new goals to chase and achievements to celebrate and as an added reward, you build a killer body to boot.

2019:   Arnold Classic Advanced Pole - 89%
             Acro Pole Art Classic Acro Pole - 3rd Place
2021:   Acro Pole Art Classic Judge

Xandre’s motto: “Caged but not tamed”